Hi guys! Sharing a quick post here today about the five pieces of outwear that complete my fall/winter wardrobe. Translation- 99% of the time I reach for one of these five pieces and they’re really all I need to get through the season. Do I own other coats/jackets outside of these five? Yep. But honestly, […]

5 Pieces of Outwear to Complete Your Fall/Winter Wardrobe

Good morning! Ranger and Helen here! Lemme tell you, Ranger is so excited to be featured in today’s blog post! If shooting blog photos wasn’t difficult enough, I spent the other day shooting blog photos with Ranger (my 3 month old puppy!). What can I say, I like a good challenge! After what seemed like […]

My Classic J.Crew Camel Coat

Why is Monday so close to Friday, but Friday so far from Monday? Ha! My mom stumbled across this quote the other day, shared it with me, and you know what? It’s SO TRUE! Anyway, let’s not worry about Monday right now! It’s starting to finally feel like spring in CT and I’m loving it! […]

White Ruffles Two Ways

Today I thought I’d re-share this J.Crew Chambray Jumpsuit in addition to a few other chambray pieces I’m loving. Before we get all chambray over here though, I thought I’d do a mini life update. If you want more of this kind of talk on my blog, please let me know! I know some bloggers […]

By The Way, I Love Chambray  

Happy Monday from Ocracoke! I’m still on Island time, but at least I’m back on schedule with knowing the days of the week. Since I’m spending some time on the beach with my Grandma I’ve been able to be more relaxed with my makeup. No offense to my Grandma, but I don’t have to impress […]

J.Crew Beach Stripes

Something I don’t talk about enough on here, or at least in my opinion, is how my mom is constantly challenging me to push myself when styling outfits. In a good way! I would say my mom and I are co-creative directors here. She’s always suggesting new things to try (most of the time she’s […]

Transform Your J.Crew Chambray Jumpsuit

What are your thoughts on Wednesdays? I get why people dread the middle of the week (kind of), but I always just try to look at it like yay, we’re halfway done! Maybe I’m just a glass half full kind of girl…sooo to help fight your mid-week struggles I’m sharing a really fun outfit with […]

Wrap Tops and Wednesdays

Off to North Carolina tomorrow to see my family for Christmas! I’m so excited for (hopefully) warm weather! Actually, I think I’m more excited to just have a few days to relax, and dare I say, sleep in!! Well, sleeping in for me is anything past 6:00am, but I’m hoping I’ll be able to get […]

A Festive Tartan Top from JCrew

I’m typically a little hesitant when it comes to jumping on board with trends. I mean, one moment they’re all over Instagram and the next moment you’re stuck with a bunch of velour jumpsuits that have “Juicy” plastered across the butt. Well, that trend is a bit dated, but you get the idea. This Burgundy […]

Everything’s Coming Up Burgundy

My Kitchen Must-Haves

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