[show_ms_widget id=”36052701″ image_id=”41923435″ width=”1000″ height=”1500″] Drum roll please… It’s finally here, Ranger’s Holiday Gift Guide! Ranger spent a lot of time rounding up her favorite puppy products along with a few toys & treats that are at the top of her wishlist this year. If you’re local to Fairfield County, PLEASE support Choice Pet. They […]

Ranger’s Puppy Holiday Gift Guide

Hello hello! In celebration of Ranger’s 2nd birthday yesterday, I figured it’d only be suiting to write today’s blog post about her! The past 2 years with Ranger have been such an adventure. From her daily shenanigans around the house to our road trips down to Grandma’s house to our nightly walks around the neighborhood, […]

Want a Maltipoo Puppy? Here are 16 reasons to add one to the family.

Hi friends! I woke up to a very wintery Wednesday here and am kind of excited about it! This is our first snow at the new place, so my morning plans consist of some blog work, taking Ranger to the park, and a pancake breakfast! Speaking of Miss Ranger, I’m so excited to be sharing […]

Holiday Card Reveal with Basic Invite

Hello and Happy Monday! I’m heading up to Vermont tomorrow with my friend Shamika and I couldn’t be more excited! Get ready for lots of fall foliage content and a recap of our trip on the blog later this week! I also have a bunch of SUPER exciting events coming up (like with Nordstrom… ummm […]

Getting Back Into Running…With Ranger!

Hi friends! Something crazy happened this week, Ranger went viral on Pinterest! What a surprise that was! Some of the pictures I posted of her on Pinterest got over 100k views in under 24 hours!! Anyway, in celebration of Ranger’s huge milestone this week today’s blog post is all about her…kind of… I’m sharing 5 […]

5 Reasons Why You NEED A Maltipoo Puppy

Happy Friday! It’s Ranger and Helen here with a very special gift-guide blog post that Ranger has been working on for months! If you think blogging is hard work, imagine being a dog blogger! Ranger works around the clock, day in and day out testing products! Ha! On Instagram it might look like she’s being forced […]

Ranger’s Holiday Gift Guide

Happy Wednesday, Friends! Ranger and I are so excited to be sharing our holiday card pics with you today! We partnered with Basic Invite to bring to fruition our vision of the world’s cutest holiday card. Ha, yes really! Okay, well see for yourself and let us know what you think. Oh, and also, head […]

Christmas Card Photo Reveal with Basic Invite (+ a GIVEAWAY!)

Hi friends! It’s Ranger and Helen here today answering all your most frequently asked Ranger questions. Ranger has brought me so much happiness, she’s everything I wanted in a best friend (and more!), and I love taking the time to talk to you guys about her! I figured it’d be easy to have this blog […]

Answering All Your Ranger Questions!

Here are some of Ranger’s favorite puppy products!

Ranger’s Must Have Puppy Products

My Kitchen Must-Haves

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