Oh hello there! I love alllll my blog posts, but for some reason I’m just a little extra excited about today’s! I guess it’s kind of in part because it brings back such great memories from my recent trip and also in part because it’s just such a great find! When I was in Boulder […]

Outdoor Voices Shorts…Are Amazing!

Hello party people! I don’t know why I just felt like saying that, maybe it’s because I know many of you are probably hitting up a party or two this Memorial Day Weekend! The most important part of MDW though seems to typically end up forgotten: the reason why we have this long weekend in […]

Recap: A Quick Trip To Steamboat Springs, CO

I love getting feedback from you guys and it sounds like you want more travel related posts! I’m loving it here in Boulder, CO. It’s kind of absolutely perfect…seriously! Day one consisted of a morning walk into town followed by an after-lunch 9 mile hike up/down Flagstaff Mountain. We were going to call for a […]

Day 2 In Boulder, CO: Justin’s Headquarters Visit

My Kitchen Must-Haves

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