Style Inherited Just Got…Fluffier!

  1. Katy says:

    Hi!!! I just adopted my little Maltipoo and from the pics I saw up in this page, the hands holding the puppy looked very familiar lol is that Cindy’ from Windy Way Pups? hope I’m correct 🙂 cause she is AMAZING!!!!
    Me and my husband did lots of research before getting it from her!
    Love your page with all the info and your dog is ADORABLE!!!

    • Yes you’d be correct!! Cindy is awesome, is that where you got your puppy from?

      • Katy says:

        Yes we got her from Cindy!!! Our little girl will be ready to come home on April 24th, we can’t wait!!!
        I’m so glad you confirmed it, we have been looking all over the place, doing research and didn’t trust any other breeders or pet stores, I also went to yelp to read all the reviews from Windy way pups and got in touch with someone that adopted a puppy from her two years ago, I wanted to know their experience. The lady said the same thing as you about the breeder… so the morning Cindy said she will be posting pics of the babies, knowing how difficult it is to get a puppy from her, me and my husband woke up super early that morning and had our strategy, we set up 3 laptops, our phones, etc.. refreshing her page every second as she said, she will give the puppy “first come first” lol so imagine the stress… so as soon as she posted the pic I had my finger ready to hit to claim the puppy! We were very lucky!!! She said to me over the phone that she had 300 texts plus 32 calls from people trying to get one of the puppies (there were only 3). We are so excited!!! Since then, we have been buying all kind of stuff from the heart beat stuff animal, to playpen, food, treats, toys, shampoo, etc.. everything🙈 to welcome our little girl!!!
        Thanks so much for your reply, makes me so happy we made the right decision and adopted from her!!!

        • Hi Katy,

          Yay! I’m so excited and so happy for you! When we got Ranger she was the only girl in the litter and I had first pick so it was actually extremely easy since the decision was made for me! It feels like so long ago already… cherish every moment because they grow up so fast! Keep me posted, I’d love to see pics when you bring her home!

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