Hi guys! I figured I’d pull together all the stuff I tried on at Old Navy the other day. If I’m posting something below it’s because it’s Style Inherited approved! But what does that mean? I look for a few things when I’m trying stuff on (especially stuff that’s at a lower price point…). I […]

Bonus Post! Old Navy Try On Session Picks!

Here’s a quick read today (my mom’s favorite! Sometimes she rolls her eyes when she sees my longer posts because those take more time to read…the struggle is real). Anyway, there is definitely an IT bag this season and I wanted to share three options at three different budgets so everyone can hop on this […]

The IT Straw Bag at Three Price Points

I would say Happy Monday, but it’s Monday… ha! I might not be the biggest fan of Mondays right now with this freezing winter weather and having to wake up at 5:00am. Who else is with me?! Anyway, I had a relaxing weekend, which come few and far between for me these days. Actually, relaxing […]

Au Revoir and Stars

My Kitchen Must-Haves

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