Hi Monday, it’s me again! Let me start by saying, these aren’t my first pair of polka-dot Pilcro pants… Oops! Hey, I’m not ashamed though because Pilcro and the Letterpress is such quality brand and I somehow snagged these pants for under $25! Crazy! (Originally $108 from Anthropologie). I constantly struggle between buying cute, trendy, […]

Polka-Dot Pilcro Pants (And Thoughts On A Capsule Wardrobe)

I’m typically a little hesitant when it comes to jumping on board with trends. I mean, one moment they’re all over Instagram and the next moment you’re stuck with a bunch of velour jumpsuits that have “Juicy” plastered across the butt. Well, that trend is a bit dated, but you get the idea. This Burgundy […]

Everything’s Coming Up Burgundy

My Kitchen Must-Haves

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