Hi friends! Sorry for being MIA for the past few days. I’ve been sick for gosh, almost two weeks now! Which stinks! Honestly, I feel like a huge reason for my cold sticking around for so long is because I’ve been trying to push through it rather than rest and recover. Isn’t that the new […]

Travel Essentials Worth The Splurge

Hi there! I’m so excited to share what and how I packed for my upcoming trip to Belize! Actually, I think I might be more excited to say that I didn’t wait until the last minute to pack and wow it feels great! I think I’m going to start doing this more often. Is this […]

Capsule Wardrobe for Belize and How I Packed

I thought I’d test out a few different formats to share my gift guides for easy shopping. Directly below you can click through all the items that I think would make great gifts for your travel-loving friend/family member and then below that you can find my thoughts on my top pics (featured in the collage […]

Gift Guide: Jet-Setter

My Kitchen Must-Haves

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