Each year I make and break the same resolution… drink. more. water. Ugh!! As someone who is ALWAYS cold, drinking water is especially difficult this time of year. Does this sound like the same boat you’re in? If so, I feel ya! Keep reading for 3 easy ways to drink more water and to learn […]

3 Easy Ways To Drink More Water

Happy Friday! Today I’m sharing my experience with LYBMR Darien, a stretching studio that specializes in one-on-one, customizable stretching sessions. LYMBR invited me in for a complimentary stretch session last week and I’ve kind of been dreaming of it ever since, it was really cool! My stretch session was with Cara, the studio manager. Cara […]

Are Stretching Studios The Hottest New Fitness Trend?

Happy Friday! Are you going out with girls, hanging out at home on the couch with a bottle of wine, celebrating the end of a week with a big bowl of ice cream? Not me! Sigh… Monday marked the start of my 40 day health/nutrition challenge which involves basically cutting out all the goooood stuff […]

Sugar Detox: Day 5 of 40

Happy Monday! I’m exploring Asheville today with my whole family, yes, even my lil’sis! I think the plan is to do a nice 4-5 mile hike along the Appalachian Trail and then visit some hot springs to unwind and reward ourselves for the hike. Can all Mondays be like this?! Please! I’ll have a full […]

Slip Silk Pillowcase Review

I always thought my acne would be gone after high school, but alas it’s still something I’m dealing with. Over the years I’ve slowly come to terms with my acne, well, sort of. I still have bad days where I loath my skin and curse my genes, but for the most part I’ve learned to […]

Overcoming Acne and Staying Positive

My Kitchen Must-Haves

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