Eeeek! Guys, I’m the world’s worst secret keeper, so while I’ve subtly spilled the beans about this collaboration a few times already, I’m pretty proud of myself for not letting the cat too far out of the bag on this one! Okay- wait, what am I talking about? Today I’m sharing a Fourth of July Favorites […]

GIVEAWAY! Fourth of July Favorites: Wine Glass Writer and GOVERRE

Wine Awesomeness is really…well, awesome! I’ve tried all kinds of subscriptions, so when I heard of a wine subscription it sounded like a no-brainer! We all know I love a good glass of wine. The first month was under $40 for 6 bottles of wine delivered to your front door…so do the math…it was a […]

Wine Awesomeness Review

Sorry for yet another blip in my schedule last week. It’s been a challenge balancing my blog and my life. I’m so used to not having a life that whenever plans arise it completely throws me off schedule. Lame, but true. I’m definitely going to do my best to stick to my M/W/F schedule even […]

Goverre Wine Glass

My Kitchen Must-Haves

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