Happy Fall Y’all! I’m not sure when summer officially ends, but I always feel like fall kind of starts the moment September hits (whether I like it or not!). In my ideal world, we would just have endless summers up here in CT. Anyone else with me?! I mean, I do love Autumn. A lot. […]

Autumn Intentions

How is it already Monday again!? This weekend in Connecticut finally felt like fall with some pretty cool temperatures. It was still beautiful weather, but I have to say I miss those 70 and sunny days. With the weather getting cooler (well, who knows if it will stay this way), I thought I would share […]

How To: The Art of Layering

I haven’t been apple picking in forever! There’s something about going to an orchard that just brings you back to your childhood…wait…why is that? I mean, there’s nothing childish about picking fresh fruit, baking pies, and making jams/sauces. Okay, anyway, exploring Russell’s Orchard in Ipswich, Massachusetts last weekend was such a blast! The orchard has […]

Apple Picking and Apple Pie

My Kitchen Must-Haves

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