Happy Friday! It’s Ranger and Helen here with a very special gift-guide blog post that Ranger has been working on for months! If you think blogging is hard work, imagine being a dog blogger! Ranger works around the clock, day in and day out testing products! Ha! On Instagram it might look like she’s being forced […]

Ranger’s Holiday Gift Guide

Hi friends! It’s Ranger and Helen here today answering all your most frequently asked Ranger questions. Ranger has brought me so much happiness, she’s everything I wanted in a best friend (and more!), and I love taking the time to talk to you guys about her! I figured it’d be easy to have this blog […]

Answering All Your Ranger Questions!

     Happy Monday Friends! Alright I’m going to just cut right to it: I know I promised you this post on Friday and well, obviously that didn’t happen! There were two reasons this post was delayed. First off, it physically was difficult to write. My furry friend wouldn’t stop eating my laptop, typing on my keyboard, […]

Naming My Perfect Little Puppy…

My Kitchen Must-Haves

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