Over the past several years I’ve been playing guinea pig trying to achieving that natural, beautiful glow with at-home tanners. Lemme tell you, I’m at my happiest and most confident when I look tan. If you feel the same way, then this blog post featuring the BEST self tanner for redheads is for you!!

The BEST Self Tanner for Redheads

Who else is SO excited for the Olympic Games this summer!? To get in the Olympic spirit, Emma and I decided to throw our own summer beach games complete with competition, snacks, and more! We grabbed everything we needed for our summer beach games from our local Christmas Tree Shops in Danbury, CT. Keep reading […]

Summer Beach Games with Christmas Tree Shops

Jumping on here this morning with a quick post! Saturday night I did something new, something crazy, something exciting! I bartended for my first time EVER and I didn’t fail miserably! I was super nervous going into the night, I mean, I’m really good at drinking cocktails, but making them? That’s a whole other story! […]

My First Time Bartending

This Jet Lag mask by Summer Fridays has taken over the internet these past few weeks. Or, at least it has taken over the blogger/beauty sphere! After hearing more than a few of my favorite bloggers gush about how much they love this cream I had to try it myself. [If anyone cares, apparently Kim […]

Summer Fridays Review

Happy Monday from Ocracoke! I’m still on Island time, but at least I’m back on schedule with knowing the days of the week. Since I’m spending some time on the beach with my Grandma I’ve been able to be more relaxed with my makeup. No offense to my Grandma, but I don’t have to impress […]

J.Crew Beach Stripes

My Kitchen Must-Haves

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