Hello hello! I’m still writing to you from North Carolina and am soaking up every minute of this gorgeous summer weather. With that being said, I’m also pretty darn excited for fall and all the festivities that come along with this season. My 2018 Fall Bucket List is here in case you want to check […]

My 2019 Fall Bucket List

[show_ms_widget id=”36008126″ image_id=”41871007″ width=”839″ height=”681″] I’m sharing some sweaters and other fall finds you’re not going to want to miss! Hi guys, I spent the better part of my afternoon the other day shopping around for some new additions to my autumn wardrobe! Let’s just chalk this up to a belated “back to school” shopping […]

Sweaters and Fall Finds Roundup!

Hi Everyone! Ranger and I are getting ready to drive down to North Carolina this week to visit my Grandma! Grandma hasn’t met Ranger before (only over FaceTime), so this is a pretty exciting trip! Unfortunately though, what is already a 13hr drive (without a puppy) is going to most likely end up being 14+. […]

The Best Pumpkin Muffins

Hey Guys, Happy Wednesday! I’ve gotten so many compliments recently on this suede skirt I posted about last week. I love the look of it, but even more so I loved the somewhat hidden elastic waist. You get all the comfort without compromising on style/look. And honestly, I kind of feel like an elastic waist […]

Suede Skirts at Affordable Prices!

Oh hey Monday, is that you, already?! I had a great weekend with my mom! We hit up the Greenwich Wine and Food Festival (our first time) and wow, what a fun event! We initially were drawn to the GWFF because of the Tim McGraw concert that headlines the event, but TBH we both left […]

Fall Fleece Reinvented!

Happy Fall Y’all! I’m not sure when summer officially ends, but I always feel like fall kind of starts the moment September hits (whether I like it or not!). In my ideal world, we would just have endless summers up here in CT. Anyone else with me?! I mean, I do love Autumn. A lot. […]

Autumn Intentions

I’m typically a little hesitant when it comes to jumping on board with trends. I mean, one moment they’re all over Instagram and the next moment you’re stuck with a bunch of velour jumpsuits that have “Juicy” plastered across the butt. Well, that trend is a bit dated, but you get the idea. This Burgundy […]

Everything’s Coming Up Burgundy

How is it already Monday again!? This weekend in Connecticut finally felt like fall with some pretty cool temperatures. It was still beautiful weather, but I have to say I miss those 70 and sunny days. With the weather getting cooler (well, who knows if it will stay this way), I thought I would share […]

How To: The Art of Layering

I haven’t been apple picking in forever! There’s something about going to an orchard that just brings you back to your childhood…wait…why is that? I mean, there’s nothing childish about picking fresh fruit, baking pies, and making jams/sauces. Okay, anyway, exploring Russell’s Orchard in Ipswich, Massachusetts last weekend was such a blast! The orchard has […]

Apple Picking and Apple Pie

My Kitchen Must-Haves

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